Habitat Conservation Plan

The Na Pua Makani Wind Project (Project) Draft Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) was previously published for public review by State Department of Land and Natural Resource Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DLNR) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in March and June 2015, respectively.  The Final HCP has been prepared to address applicable agency and public comments and is being considered for approval by DLNR and USFWS. 

As in the Draft HCP, the Final HCP describes potential impacts to threatened and endangered species and mitigation measures that provide a net benefit to potentially impacted listed species. In addition to describing the mitigation measures, the Final HCP specifies measures used to avoid or minimize potential Project impacts, as well as monitoring efforts to document any potential Project impacts and mitigation benefits. A few representative avoidance and minimization efforts include curtailing turbines when bats are suspected to be most vulnerable, shielding lights to avoid attracting night-flying seabirds to the Project area, and if nighttime construction is required, using a biological monitor to watch for listed species and temporarily shut down construction activity if they are observed.

Read the draft Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) here.  The Final HCP will be available once it is approved by both DLNR and USFWS.

The Project Final HCP received a recommendation for approval from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Endangered Species Recovery Committee (ESRC) in February of 2016.