Community Responsibility

We at Champlin Hawaii Wind want to become active members of the community.

Over the next 25 years, the Kahuku area will be home for the Na Pua Makani team.  We at Na Pua Makani want to become active members of the community and support Kahuku’s institutions and programs. For these reasons, the Na Pua Makani team is investing in the community, as well as a renewable energy project.

We want to help contribute to the schools and organizations that serve Kahuku. We will create jobs for the local community and help Kahuku meet the challenges and needs it faces. As part of this effort we have pledged to provide a community benefit fund of $10,000 per turbine per year for the life of the project, or $2 million over the project’s anticipated 25-year term. These funds will be provided for the people of Kahuku to use as they see fit.

In addition, we will be looking for other opportunities to help with special projects, programs and activities that fulfill needs that might otherwise go unmet. We look forward to hearing from the people of Kahuku about ways in which we can be supportive neighbors and productive members of the community.