Project Mission

Serving a higher purpose.

Na Pua Makani serves a higher purpose than generating low-cost electrical power, important as it is. Hawaii, like our nation and the world, stands at a tipping point. The people of Oahu have made it clear they want their energy to come from sources that do not pollute the island’s air, land and water. And they support renewable energy projects — like Na Pua Makani — that reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere.


Those elected to represent the people of Oahu have listened to their communities and passed laws requiring the state’s utility companies to move quickly to make renewable energy projects a bigger part of their portfolio of power facilities.

How Wind Contributes to Oahu’s Renewable Energy Portfolio


While the people of Hawaii enjoy one of the most pristine — and fragile — environments in the world, residents also suffer from the highest cost of electricity in the nation. Billions of dollars leave the state each year to pay for imported oil, which is burned to generate electricity. For these reasons, stabilize and decrease the cost of electricity, and reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported fossil fuels for energy.

Renewable Portfolio Standard 

The Hawaii Renewable Portfolio Standard requires electric utility companies in Hawaii to purchase or generate 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy by 2045.

 Clean Energy Initiative 

The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is an agreement with the federal government that requires Hawaii to achieve 70 percent clean energy by 2030, with 40 percent coming from locally generated renewable sources. The Na Pua Makani Wind Project will help Hawaii meet the requiresments of these laws and alos help reduce the cost of electricity.

The Na Pua Makani Wind Project will help Hawaii meet the requirements of these laws and also help reduce the cost of electricity.