Rooftop PV

Rooftop PV and Na Pua Makani

Some residents have expressed concerns that the electricity from the Na Pua Makani wind energy project will take up all of the available space on the area’s electrical grid and crowd out residents who want to install solar PV on their homes and sell power back to Hawaiian Electric Company.

According to Hawaiian Electric Company, this is not the case. The residential PV units feed into a 12-kilovolt distribution grid, which is separate from the 45-kilovolt sub-transmission grid that will receive the electrical power generated by Na Pua Makani. The fact that some of the circuits on the 12-kilovolt residential distribution grid cannot carry additional power generated by rooftop solar PV units has nothing to do with the load on the 45-kilovolt sub-transmission grid.

When the residential distribution grid has reached its maximum capacity of 12 kilovolts, it must be upgraded to accommodate more solar PV power from residential units.